33.4 Personal Protective Equipment Specifics

(President 3/8/76; amended 7/22/20)
  1. Shoes — Safety shoes, as authorized by the employing department, will be provided as needed to staff members required to wear them. Each department is responsible for determining the style of shoe that is to be worn by its employees. Staff members are responsible for maintaining shoes, including the cost of minor repairs.

    In the event the department determines that special shoe protection is necessary or special shoes are required to meet operational demands, said equipment will be furnished by the department at no cost to the staff member. Each department is responsible for procuring safety shoes from outside vendors for staff members required to wear safety shoes. Shoes maybe purchased with a departmental procurement card or purchase order, or the department may reimburse the staff member for shoes purchased directly.
  2. Safety Glasses — One pair of safety glasses is provided at the department's expense to those staff members needing them. If breakage or damage occurs to the glasses and the damage is an on-the-job incident, the department covers the cost of repair. Cost to repair damage to glasses unrelated to employment is the responsibility of the individual. Safety glasses are purchased through UI Optical with an interdepartmental requisition.

    Cost of eye examinations for those needing prescription safety glasses is the responsibility of the staff member. Those who have had a recent examination should obtain a copy of the prescription which will be used for providing safety glasses. Those whose most recent prescription is twelve months old or older are encouraged to update the prescription prior to receiving safety glasses.

    The department pays for replacement of safety lenses due to prescription change.
  3. All other items of safety equipment issued except shoes and prescription glasses are the department's property and are replaced on an as-needed basis. Staff members are responsible for properly maintaining those items and for notifying the department when they need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear. If any items are lost or damaged through individual neglect, the staff member is required to pay the cost of replacement.
  4. Staff members interested in obtaining additional pairs of safety shoes, glasses, or other equipment items are permitted to buy them at their expense.
  5.  Departments inform staff members that the use of PPE, once issued, is required whenever the individual's supervisor so indicates. If the required PPE is not being worn due to damage or inadvertence, the staff member will be issued appropriate temporary equipment.
  6. Staff members must use only PPE that is purchased through the University or the employing department, and that is approved by the department for a specific use.

(See also https://ehs.research.uiowa.edu/occupational-safety.)