22.9 Catastrophic Leave Donations

(President 9/93; amended 9/97; 7/02; 1/06)

The University offers to faculty and staff members the ability to receive and donate accrued vacation leave due to a personal or family catastrophic illness or injury which results in a medical condition for which a physician has certified that the condition is likely to result in a loss of 30 or more work days. All faculty and staff who accrue vacation are eligible to participate. An individual must have exhausted all paid leave and not be receiving long-term disability in order to be qualified to receive donations. The total donations received by an employee shall not exceed the amount necessary to cover the long-term disability waiting period. If the donations are needed due to a family member illness or injury, donations cannot exceed 1 year. Leave must be donated in increments of 1 hour or more.

(See also III-22.8 Parental Leave; III-26.7 Courses for Maintaining Professional Licensing Requirements; III-22 Absences; and https://hr.uiowa.edu/benefits/catastrophic-leave.)