21.3 Leaves of Absence with Compensation

(Amended 12/07)

 The University has statutory authority to grant leaves with full or partial compensation to faculty and staff members to undertake approved programs of study, research, or other professional activity which will contribute to the improvement of the institution. Such leaves are granted with the requirement that the recipient return to the University thereafter or compensate the University for the benefit received (IC 262.9(14)). A Request for Leave of Absence is completed and approved prior to the granting of a leave of absence with compensation.

Faculty Developmental Assignments (Career Development Awards, Faculty Scholar Awards, and Global Scholar Awards) are granted through an Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost application process. Following final approval, the department should process a Leave of Absence Form. Compensated leaves other than these programs must be requested in writing by the faculty member of the departmental executive officer. The departmental officer makes a written request to the dean for approval. The dean makes a written request to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. Once the leave is approved, a Leave of Absence Form is initiated by the department and routed with the supporting request and approval documentation in Workflow.