18.3 Long Term Disability Insurance

(Amended 10/15)
  1. Effective date. The effective date of the Long Term Disability Insurance coverage is the first day of the month following the employee’s appointment. A staff member who is not actively working at that time becomes eligible on the date of return to work.
  2. Benefits.
    1. Qualifications. Enrolled staff members may qualify for benefits if:
      1. they become totally disabled by reason of disease or bodily injury and such disability during the first 24 months prevents them from performing the majority of the material duties of their normal job and during any continuation of such disability beyond 24 months from engaging in any work or occupation for which they are reasonably fitted by education, training or experience; and,
      2. such disability existed for at least 90 working days; and,
      3. they become disabled while their disability insurance is in effect.
    2. Additional requirements and specifications.
      1. Proof of disability must be submitted periodically. The University or insurance company, or both, may require a medical examination by a doctor of its choice.
      2. A staff member who qualifies will receive a monthly income commencing on the 91st working day or commencing on the day following exhaustion of all accrued sick leave, whichever is greater. The 90-day waiting period will not start anew for employees who, in an effort to return to work, return for six months or less but cannot continue.