26.6 Tuition and Fees of Faculty and Staff Registered for No Academic Credit (Audit)

(Amended 1/07; 4/14; 2/19)

All faculty and staff with a 50 percent or greater permanent appointment are eligible to audit (i.e., register for zero semester hours for) one University of Iowa course per session without being assessed tuition and mandatory fees for that course, subject to the following:

  1. The applicant is auditing the course to enhance professional development in their current position.
  2. The applicant must be admitted to the University either in a degree program or as a nondegree student.
  3. The applicant must receive permission to audit the course from the instructor.
  4. The applicant must receive permission from their departmental executive officer. Faculty also must receive permission from the college dean or associate dean.
  5. The applicant will be responsible for any course-specific fees. 
  6. Courses are not repeatable.

The application form is available at https://registrar.uiowa.edu/faculty-and-staff-application-audit-one-course-tuition-and-fees-waived