26.8 Other Awards for Staff

(Amended 8/13; 4/14)
  1. Professional Development Award. Staff may be eligible to receive free admission to a fee-required Learning and Development-sponsored offering through the Professional Development Award drawing. Staff members employed in a regular appointment, 50 percent time or greater are sent an email notification twice a year.
  2. Mary Jo Small Staff Fellowship Award Program. This is an award that University of Iowa staff may use to help defray costs of regional, national, or international meetings or workshops, training opportunities on and off-campus, and/or work-release time to prepare publications. Specific award guidelines available through Learning and Development's website include:
    1. All professional and scientific and merit staff members who hold a regular appointment of 50 percent or greater and have been employed for two or more years at the University (with no breaks in employment) by the application deadline are eligible for the Mary Jo Small Staff Fellowship.
    2. Selection for the awards will be based upon documentation of recognized contributions that support the University's mission and goals.

See also the Learning and Development website at https://hr.uiowa.edu/learn/mary-jo-small-staff-fellowship-award.