8.12 Policy Violations and Resulting Disciplinary Actions

(Amended 7/1/17; 7/20/22)

Effective July 20, 2022, this policy has been revised. For individual changes, see the redlined version

Violations of this policy may include but are not limited to concealing a conflict-of-interest relationship or willful failure or refusal to cooperate with an approved management plan. Violations of this policy are deemed a serious violation of policies governing employment and may subject the employee to disciplinary action.

Any proposed disciplinary actions resulting from violations of this policy:

  1. by tenure track, clinical track, or research track faculty members  will be governed by III-29 Faculty Dispute Procedures and the portion of the procedures dealing with faculty ethics (III-29.7III-15); and by instructional track faculty members will be governed by the Instructional Faculty Policy (III-10.11) and the grievance procedures in it;
  2. by staff members will be governed by applicable Regent Merit System Rules and university policies, including III-16 Ethics and Responsibility Statement for University Staff, and the applicable grievance procedures, including III-28 Conflict Management Resources for University Staff;
  3. by graduate assistants, when dismissal is sought, will be governed by the procedure for dismissal of graduate assistants (III-12.4). When sanctions other than dismissal are imposed by the dean of the employing college, a graduate assistant may appeal through those procedures established for graduate assistant employees;
  4. by students will be governed by the Code of Student Life and Accountability Procedure.

(See also II-18 Conflicts of Commitment and Interest.)