17.13 Extra Compensation for Participants in University-Sponsored Short Courses and Conferences

(Board of Deans 7/11/56; 2/93; 11/04)

The basic policy with regard to extra compensation for faculty members who participate in University sponsored conferences or short courses (on-campus or off-campus) authorizes each college or other educational unit to establish its own regulations for such extra compensation within the following general framework of rules:

  1. That each college or other educational unit may establish a central conference account or individual conference accounts;
  2. That a contingency fund may be built up from conferences to cover the possible deficits which may occur for particular courses or conferences;
  3. That each college or other educational unit have the authority to use the proceeds from its courses or conferences to defray the cost of such special functions (such as the entertainment of college guests) as it may wish to undertake;
  4. That faculty members receive extra compensation only if they give short courses or lectures (over and beyond the arranged teaching, research, and service load) which require a good deal of extra work. Requests for payment of extra compensation for conference participation shall be submitted on the standard form, Compensation of Faculty for Conference Participation. The forms are available at the Center for Conferences and shall be submitted to the Dean of Continuing Education through the Center for Conferences. The compensation for this "overload" will ordinarily not exceed the amount appropriate for one full working day a week, in terms of the faculty member's budgeted salary. A dean may, however, petition the Executive Vice President and Provost to approve an exception to this standard. A request for such an exception should be in writing and should set forth a justification for making the exception.
  5. That proposed budgets for University-sponsored conferences (on-campus or off-campus) shall be submitted by the dean of the college or other appropriate administrative officers of the conference-sponsoring unit, for approval by the Dean of Continuing Education. Conference budget forms shall be used for this purpose. The forms are available at the Center for Conferences. A copy of the approved budget shall be returned to the sponsoring unit for file.

    In the event a conference or short course is sponsored by one college or other educational unit, and faculty members from another college or educational unit are asked to participate, it is understood that the director of the conference will communicate with the dean and other administrative officers concerned before making formal arrangements for extra compensation with the faculty member whose participation is desired.