17.12 Compensation for Military Leave of Absence

(Amended 7/07; 6/3/20)

All staff members of the University, other than staff employed temporarily for 6 months or less, who are members of the National Guard, organized reserves, or any component part of the military, naval, air forces, or nurse corps of this state or nation or who are inducted into the military service of this state or of the United States, shall when ordered by proper authority to active state or federal service, be entitled to a leave of absence from the University for the period of such active state or federal service, without loss of status or efficiency rating, and without loss of pay during the first 30 work days in a calendar year. This provision shall also apply to a leave of absence by a member of the national disaster medical system of the United States when activated for federal service with the system.

Compensation for such leave will be paid only after Human Resources is presented a statement signed by the staff member's commanding officer indicating that the staff member has been ordered to active duty and that the staff member has in fact reported for active duty.

(IC 29A.28, Atty. Gen. #74-2-10; see also IAC [681]3.144(8A).)