Chapter 1 – Classification of University Staff

(Amended 8/4/20)

1.1 Exempt and Merit Staff

Under state law, the University has three broad groupings of staff:

  1. Exempt Staff. Staff who are exempt from the Regents Merit System, PDF icon Iowa Code 8A.412(5) include: all presidents, deans, directors, teachers, professional and scientific personnel, and student employees under the jurisdiction of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.
  2. Regents Merit System Staff. Staff to whom the Regents Merit System applies, which includes all staff not listed in paragraph a.
  3. Merit Supervisory Exempt/Confidential Staff. Certain merit staff classifications — merit supervisory exempt and select merit staff positions (confidential) — are exempted from contract coverage under the Iowa Public Employment Relations Act. These staff members are governed by the PDF icon Board of Regents Merit rules, and these staff members are not represented by a collective bargaining agency. 

1.2 Classifications of University Staff

(Amended 8/4/20)
  1. Classifications. For personnel purposes, there are five classifications of University employees: faculty, professional and scientific non-bargaining staff, professional and scientific bargaining (SEIU) staff, bargaining-eligible merit system staff, and merit supervisory exempt/confidential staff.
  2. Fair Labor Standards Act. Faculty and professional and scientific staff are generally exempt from the provisions of the PDF icon Fair Labor Standards Act. Merit System staff are covered under the minimum wage, overtime, record keeping, and other provisions of the law.