Chapter 31 – Appeals to Board of Regents

(Regents 3/12-13/70; amended 9/93; 6/18)

The Board of Regents, State of Iowa (Board), considers appeals from final actions or decisions of an institution under its jurisdiction, which may include an appeal from an employee disciplinary matter where dismissal or suspension without pay is the final institutional sanction, an appeal from a student disciplinary matter where expulsion is the final institutional sanction, or an appeal from a denial of tenure as further defined and specified in Board policy. Appeals for institutional actions other than these are considered by the Board on a discretionary basis.  

The applicable policy can be found in the  Board of Regents Policy Manual, Chapter  1.7 Appeals to the Board.

(See also II-29 Hearing Regulations for Alleged Violations of Regents Rules; VI-2 Office of the University Ombudsperson; IAC Ch. 3, Ch. 11, and Ch. 12.)