7.1 Faculty — General

The university recognizes the right of access by a faculty member to their own personnel files whether in departmental, collegiate, central administrative, or any other university offices. A faculty member may have access to letters and other materials written in an expectation of confidence after the means of identification have been removed.

  1. The following materials will be presumed to have been written in an expectation of confidence, unless the author indicates otherwise:
    1. materials from students;
    2. materials from outside evaluators.
  2. Materials from administrators, including deans, directors, and department heads, will be treated as not having been written in an expectation of confidence.
  3. Materials from peers within the university will be treated as having been written in an expectation of confidence.
  4. The above statements comprise the basic policy on faculty access which is to be observed in all colleges and departments. In addition, by vote of the appropriate faculty group, a department or college may elect to adopt a general policy providing access to materials written by peers within the university without removing the means of identification. The Executive Vice President and Provost should be notified by any department or college electing to provide access to such materials.
  5. A faculty member wishing to have access to their personnel files should inform the administrator responsible for maintaining the files sought for inspection. Nothing in this statement limits a faculty member's right of access to their own personnel files in connection with a proceeding brought under III-29. Questions relating to the application of this policy should be directed to the Executive Vice President and Provost.