10.15 Other University of Iowa Policies Related to Behavioral Expectations

(Amended 7/15)
  1. In addition to the policies and procedures contained in this chapter that pertain to violent acts committed by university community members, the following policies may be helpful in determining a course of action to follow when responding to behavior of concern:
    1.  II-4 Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct
    2.  II-14 Anti-Harassment
    3.  III-15 Professional Ethics and Academic Responsibility
    4.  III-16 Ethics and Responsibilities for University Staff
    5.  IV-1 General Regulations Applying to Students
  2. In addition, the following Operations Manual chapters may be of assistance when considering the best course of action with regard to a concern that may fall under this chapter:
    1.  III-28 Conflict Management Resources for University Staff
    2.  III-29 Faculty Dispute Procedures
    3.  V-16 Critical Incident Management Plan (guidelines for institutional management of disruptions caused by violent behavior)
    4. VI-32 University of Iowa Threat Assessment Program