16.3 Scope of Policy and Exclusions

(Amended 10/23/18; 5/20/22)

This policy applies to all university programs with minors, with the exceptions of the following:

  1. Minors who are visitors in the workplace (see III-32);
  2. Minors working for the university as employees;
  3. Minors who are either admitted for enrollment or enrolled at the university for post-secondary education (this exclusion does not apply to minors admitted for enrollment in or enrolled in pre-college courses)
  4. Minors attending events on campus or events sponsored by the University that are open to the general public;
  5. Minors on school/organization trips accompanied throughout the trip by an adult chaperone for their school/organization;
  6. Minors attending official admission events hosted by the university Admissions Office, such as Hawkeye Visit Days;
  7. Minors participating in pre-enrollment visitation or recruiting activities governed by NCAA or US Department of Health and Human Services regulations; 
  8. Minors receiving medical care or treatment at the University of Iowa; and 
  9. Minors who are human subjects in research studies as research subjects which are approved by the university’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).