20.5 Uses of University of Iowa Marks by Third Parties

  1. The Office of Strategic Communication may authorize a third party’s use of a University of Iowa graphical mark on condition that the authorization is in writing and the third party complies with 1) the requirements of the University Brand Manual, 2) the approved terms and conditions of use as outlined in university standard agreements, 3) II-33 Use of University Name, and 4) II-21 Licensing, if applicable. Under no circumstances may a third party use a University of Iowa stylized wordmark or logo as an identifier of itself.
  2. The Office of Strategic Communication, in conjunction with the Office of the General Counsel and University of Iowa Trademark Licensing, will maintain a record of all applications for use of University of Iowa graphical marks and relevant approvals.
  3. The Office of the General Counsel is responsible for providing direction to university leadership regarding when to take legal action for unauthorized use of University of Iowa graphical marks.