20.1 University Brand Policy

  1. The purpose of the University Brand Policy is to enhance and protect the University of Iowa’s reputation by establishing and promoting correct and consistent use of the university’s brand guidelines, including visual identity and, specifically, University of Iowa graphical marks across all forms of communication executed by any unit of the university, any registered student organization, or any independent contractor of the institution. The policy complements 1) II-33 Use of University Name, and 2) II-21 Licensing, which more specifically governs the use of university marks, logos, and symbols in items produced for sale or distribution either by units of the university or entities external to the university, and services offered by entities external to the university. 
  2. This policy governs the use of all University of Iowa graphical marks by all employees of the university, its registered student organizations, and its independent contractors. The policy only authorizes uses consistent with its terms. It does not authorize other uses of university source identifiers, including all that are nonconforming or are made by persons who are not employees or representatives of the university or a registered student organization. 
  3. The Office of the President has assigned responsibility for management of this policy to the Vice President for External Relations. The Vice President for External Relations has delegated oversight to the University Brand Committee and day-to-day management to the Office of Strategic Communication.