23.2 Disclosure of Alumni Records 

Alumni Records will not be released except as permitted under this policy or as required by law. 

  1. Disclosure to alumnus/alumna. Alumni may inspect and review alumni records pertaining to themselves by contacting the Office of the Registrar, Division of Alumni Records, and making the request. A reasonable charge may be assessed for services and supplies associated with copying of the requested records. 
  2. Disclosure to the University of Iowa Center for Advancement. The programs, activities, and services of the University of Iowa Center for Advancement (UICA) benefit the University and enhance outreach and advancement efforts among alumni, students, former students, faculty, staff, and friends and contributors of the University (see I-4.1). Accordingly, the University discloses to the UICA certain alumni information that supports and implements the mission of the UICA, provided that the UICA uses it only in connection with supporting and implementing its programs, activities, and services. 

    In the interest of economy, accuracy, and efficiency, the UICA has agreed to allow The University of Iowa access pursuant to a data-sharing agreement to certain student/alumni identification information in its database for alumni records. University colleges and departments benefit by using and/or requesting alumni information from the UICA database as opposed to maintaining separate records of alumni information.  
  3. Disclosure to other University-affiliated organizations, University offices, units, and employees. Alumni records are available upon request to affiliated organizations, University offices, units, or employees who have a need to know in order to perform an authorized University function or activity. The request should be made to the UICA and should specify the proposed use. Provided, however, that the desired alumni records are in the form of aggregate statistical data, the request should be directed to the Office of the Registrar, Division of Alumni Records. Alumni records shall be used for alumni relations purposes in accordance with this policy. Each affiliated organization, University office, unit, and employee is responsible for using alumni data and information in the appropriate manner for its authorized function or activity, and to appropriately maintain the confidentiality of the information.   
  4. Disclosure in response to subpoena or court order. Alumni records will be released pursuant to court order or lawfully issued subpoena. Questions regarding court orders and subpoenas should be directed to the University’s Office of the General Counsel.
  5. Disclosure to the public and all other requests. All other requests for alumni records should be directed to the University’s Office of Transparency.