4.3 Applicable Scope

The core purpose of this policy is the prohibition of all forms of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and related retaliation. When an alleged violation of this policy is reported and a formal complaint filed, the allegations are subject to resolution using University of Iowa’s Process A, Process B, or adaptable resolution as determined by the Title IX Coordinator, and as detailed below. When the respondent is a member of the University of Iowa community, a grievance process may be available regardless of the status of the complainant, who may or may not be a member of the University of Iowa community. This community includes, but is not limited to, students, student organizations, faculty, administrators, staff, and third parties such as guests, visitors, volunteers, invitees, and campers. The Procedure for Alleged Violations of the Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct (II-4.23 below) may be applied to incidents, to patterns, and/or to the campus climate, all of which may be addressed and investigated in accordance with this policy.