15.1 Policy

Consistent with Iowa Code PDF icon 262.9(37), all University employees who in the course of employment receive information related to physical or sexual abuse of children must immediately report such information to the University of Iowa Police. In the case of incidents not on the Iowa City campus, local police authorities should also be called in order to avoid any delay in response.

All University employees have the obligation to report under this policy except for professions which retain obligations of confidentiality under accepted codes of ethics. Such professions include:

  1. employees of the Office of Ombudsperson, as required by accepted Ombuds codes of ethics;
  2. clergy, including any chaplains, as required by accepted standards of ethics;
  3. attorneys as required by the rules of professional responsibility, and specifically applicable to attorneys employed to provide legal assistance to students;
  4. any statutory mandatory reporter whose professional code of ethics or HIPAA restrictions prohibits reporting it, but must still continue with reporting responsibilities to the Department of Human Services as provided by Iowa Code 232.67–70