32.1 Purpose

The Office of Governmental Relations, under the supervision of the Office of the Vice President for External Relations, oversees and coordinates University relationships with national and state elected officials, their staffs, and with governmental agencies. The Office of Governmental Relations has a significant role in facilitating The University of Iowa's strategic plan to build strong ties with external constituencies by organizing programs designed to provide members of the public with information about regulatory and legislative issues of importance to the University and/or to encourage public support for the University. Activities include coordination with the State Relations Officer for the Board of Regents; advising the President and other University officials regarding state and federal legislative strategies and providing assessments of proposed legislation; participating in University outreach efforts; working with the Executive Vice President and Provost, vice presidents, and directors of major administrative units in development of budget requests and legislative initiatives; managing responses to legislative inquiries and requests for information; and coordinating contacts with state and federal officials, other state institutions of higher education, and various other entities having relationships with The University of Iowa in the area of governmental relations.