3.5 Applicable Procedures

(Amended 7/1/17; 5/12/22)

Formal sanctions imposed in response to alleged violations of this policy will be governed for:

  1. tenure track, clinical track, and research track faculty members by III-29 Faculty Dispute Procedures and that portion of those procedures dealing with faculty ethics (III-29.7); and instructional track faculty members by the Instructional Faculty Policy (III-10.11) and the grievance procedures in it;
  2. staff members by applicable Regent Merit System Rules and university policies, including III-16 Ethics and Responsibilities for University of Iowa Staff, and the applicable grievance procedures, including III-28 Conflict Management Resources for University Staff;
  3. graduate assistants, when dismissal is sought, by the procedure for dismissal of graduate assistants (III-12.4). When sanctions other than dismissal are imposed by the dean of the employing college, a graduate assistant may appeal through those procedures established for graduate assistant employees;
  4. students by the Code of Student Life and Accountability Procedure.