3.5 Applicable Procedures

(Amended 7/1/17; 5/12/22)

Effective May 12, 2022, this policy has been revised. For individual changes, see the redlined version.

Formal sanctions imposed in response to alleged violations of this policy will be governed for:

  1. tenure track, clinical track, and research track faculty members by III-29 Faculty Dispute Procedures and that portion of those procedures dealing with faculty ethics (III-29.7); and instructional track faculty members by the Instructional Faculty Policy (III-10.11) and the grievance procedures in it;
  2. staff members by applicable Regent Merit System Rules and university policies, including III-16 Ethics and Responsibilities for University of Iowa Staff, and the applicable grievance procedures, including III-28 Conflict Management Resources for University Staff;
  3. graduate assistants, when dismissal is sought, by the procedure for dismissal of graduate assistants (III-12.4). When sanctions other than dismissal are imposed by the dean of the employing college, a graduate assistant may appeal through those procedures established for graduate assistant employees;
  4. students by the Code of Student Life and Accountability Procedure.