3.6 Appeal Procedures

(Amended 5/12/22)

If the Office of Institutional Equity concludes that the complaint is unfounded, the reporting party may appeal the finding on the grounds that the decision was arbitrary and capricious or that the investigating office did not follow procedures resulting in prejudice to the reporting party. Appeals must be made electronically or in writing and submitted together with all supporting documentation to OIE within 10 university business days of the receipt of the finding. Generally within 2 university business days, OIE will transmit the notice of appeal and the case record to the appropriate appeal officer, as described on the OIE website. The appeal officer, or the appeal officer's designee, will issue a written decision on the appeal to the reporting party and OIE within 20 university business days of the receipt of the appeal, although this time frame may be extended due to the complexity of the case or the severity of the allegations.

In cases where the appeal is denied, such action constitutes final university action on the matter, subject to appeal to the Board of Regents. In cases where the appeal is successful, in whole or in part, the appeal officer/designee will advise the Office of Institutional Equity regarding appropriate measures to address the issues of concern raised in the appeal.

For complaints that conclude in a finding that there is a reasonable basis to believe that a policy violation has occurred and sanctions have been imposed, responding parties may appeal such findings through the grievance procedures applicable to them. The responding party may challenge any sanctions imposed as a result of a finding through available grievance procedures.