29.9 Failure to Respond

  1. If the person charged fails within ten days to give the notice called for in II-29.8 above, the Academic Officer, at their discretion, shall take one of the following actions:
    1. notify the person charged that the case is being referred to a hearing officer for adjudication; or
    2. notify the person charged that the sanction listed in the Notice of Charges, or a lesser sanction, will be imposed. In such a case, the matter shall be deemed closed.
  2. A person on whom a sanction is imposed under the provisions of subsection a(2) of this section may request that the Review Panel set aside the sanction on the ground of failure in fact to have received notice. The Review Panel may set aside the prior action and order a new proceeding only if it finds 1) that reasonable doubt exists that notice was received, and 2) that the person charged acted in good faith in that they took no action to avoid receiving notice.