12.1 Policy Statement

(Amended 10/04)
  1. The use or possession of illegal drugs as well as the abuse of alcohol and other intoxicants creates a serious threat to the health and well-being of the user and in some instances to fellow employees and private citizens. The University of Iowa has a responsibility to provide a work environment free of drugs and alcohol, and employees have the right to perform their duties with co-workers not impaired by drugs and alcohol.
  2. In compliance with the 1989 Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act Amendments, all University of Iowa faculty and staff are herein notified that the unlawful possession, use, distribution, manufacture or dispensing of illicit drugs and alcohol, including controlled substances, is prohibited on the University's premises, in its activities, either in the workplace, or in such places and at such times that could have an adverse effect on the employee's work performance or behavior, or interfere with the rights and privileges of co-workers or the public. Chapter V-26 Alcoholic Beverage Service Guidelines and Procedures governs serving alcoholic beverages on campus.
  3. To assist employees in broadening their knowledge of the harmful effects of illicit drugs, controlled substances, and alcohol, and to assist in the treatment of alcoholism or drug addiction, The University of Iowa will use an annual policy notification, UI Employee Assistance Program (UI EAP) mailings, Learning and Development classes, and other avenues to make faculty and staff members aware of the following:
    1. the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace;
    2. the University's Drug Free Environment Policy;
    3. the availability of the UI Employee Assistance Program;
    4. staff development training regarding substance abuse;
    5. the existence of regional substance abuse treatment facilities and programs; and
    6. the penalties which may be imposed for Drug Free Environment Policy violations.
    As a condition of employment, faculty and staff members agree to abide by the terms outlined in this policy.