19.2 Scope of Policy

This acceptable use policy applies to all uses of University information technology (IT) resources. This includes the resources under the management or control of Information Technology Services (ITS) or other units of The University of Iowa, such as UI Health Care Information Systems (HCIS). A "user" is defined as any individual who uses, logs into, or attempts to use or log into, a system; or who connects to, or attempts to connect to or traverse, a network, whether by hardware or software or both, whether on campus or from remote locations. The term "user" thus includes system sponsors and system managers, faculty, staff, students, visitors, and other customers. "Information technology resources" are those facilities, technologies, and information resources required to accomplish information processing, storage, and communication, whether individually controlled or shared, stand-alone or networked. Included in this definition are all Instructional Technology Centers (ITCs), classroom technologies, electronic resources, and computing and electronic communication devices and services, such as, but not limited to, computers, printers, storage devices, mobile devices, email, fax, video, multi-media, instructional materials, and healthcare, research, and administrative systems. Personal equipment connected to the University network is also subject to this policy.