19.5 Administration and Enforcement

(Amended 7/1/17)

Information Technology Services is charged with communicating this policy to the user community through partnering with major campus Information Technology providers and for providing educational programs to achieve technical proficiency and appropriate use of the resources. Requests for interpretation of the policy as applied to particular situations may be directed to the appropriate University administrator, such as the Offices of the Executive Vice President and Provost, Dean of Students, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Diversity Officer, Chief Information Officer, Health Care Information Systems, Information Technology Services, or to the Office of the General Counsel.

Members of the University community are strongly encouraged to report violations of this policy to any one of the following: Information Technology Services' Information Security and Policy Office, UI Health Care Information Systems, to an employee's supervisor, or, in the case of a student, to the Office of the Dean of Students. Anonymous reports of misuse of University resources may also be made through the use of the EthicsPoint website or hotline. Where violations of law are alleged, University of Iowa Police Department,  and/or the Office of General Counsel should be contacted. Good faith disclosures of University-related misconduct are protected by the Anti-Retaliation Policy (see II-11).

Violations of criminal law may result in criminal prosecution. Violations of University policy may result in informal or formal sanctions including, but not limited to, loss of user privileges for a definite or indefinite period, discipline up to and including termination of employment, or, in the case of a student, probation, suspension, or expulsion from the University.

Formal sanctions taken in response to violations of this policy by:

  1. faculty members will be governed by the general Faculty Dispute Procedures (see III-29) and that portion of those procedures dealing with faculty ethics (III-29.7);
  2. staff members will be governed by applicable Regent Merit System Rules and University policies, including, III-16 Ethics and Responsibility Statement for Staff, and the applicable grievance procedures, including III-28 Conflict Management Resources for University Staff;
  3. graduate assistants, when dismissal is sought, will be governed by the procedure for dismissal of graduate assistants (III-12.4). When disciplinary action other than dismissal is taken by the dean of the employing college, a graduate assistant may appeal through those procedures established for graduate assistant employees;
  4. students will be governed by the Student Judicial Procedure.