28.6 Annual Review of Central and Collegiate Administrators

(Amended 4/6/21)
  1. Applicability. This procedure is intended to guide: the President in the annual review of the vice presidents; the Executive Vice President and Provost in the annual review of those collegiate administrators reporting to the Executive Vice President and Provost; and each dean in the annual review of those administrators of collegiate departments or programs who report to the dean, each of whom is subsequently referred to as an evaluator.
  2. Agreement of Goals. Each year, each administrator being reviewed and each evaluator will agree on a brief written statement of goals the administrator will pursue during the coming year. These goals should be linked both to the general categories within which the administrator is assessed on a multi-year basis, and to particular priorities identified through multi-year reviews of the administrator's unit, through strategic planning, and through consultation with faculty members in the unit and with other constituencies, as appropriate.
  3. Annual Assessment Procedure. The evaluator shall conduct an annual assessment of the administrator's performance, including achievement of goals established for the year. As a part of the review, the administrator should provide to the evaluator a self-assessment addressing progress made on each goal. The evaluator may seek input from appropriate constituencies regarding the administrator’s performance.  An evaluator who receives comments relevant to the review must share the substance of those comments with the administrator under review.  The administrator under review shall have the opportunity to provide a response. The evaluator may pursue further investigation into the administrator’s performance based on the shared input and response.
  4. The Assessment. The evaluator shall provide a written report of the performance assessment to the administrator under review, to which the administrator may submit a written response. At the dean’s discretion, performance assessments of administrators who report to a dean may be shared with the Executive Vice President and Provost.