45.3 Principles and Rationale

  1. The University of Iowa is committed to protecting the safety and property of our community by promoting a secure campus environment while avoiding unnecessary intrusions. This policy is intended to assure the appropriate use of video surveillance for reasons of safety, security, and stewardship of people and resources and provide transparency in the use of that technology/equipment.
  2. Video surveillance of individuals is prohibited if the use of such surveillance is based upon considerations that violate the University's Policy on Human Rights (see II-3).
  3. Video surveillance will be used in a professional and ethical manner in accordance with University policy and local, state, and federal laws and regulations, as well as any other relevant standards, such as those specific to health care organizations.
  4. The use of personal "webcam" technology that records video using portable electronic devices for surveillance purposes is prohibited.
  5. Virtual or "fake" surveillance cameras are prohibited.