45.2 Exclusions

This policy does not apply to video used by or for:

  1. Non-surveillance purposes. Examples of non-surveillance video recordings include, but are not limited to, video recordings made for:
    1. instructional, academic, or artistic purposes,
    2. capturing public events and performances,
    3. recording promotional or news events,
    4. convenience such as weather or construction site viewing,
    5. video conferencing,
    6. University research purposes, or
    7. patient care or medical treatment.
  2. The University of Iowa Police Department (UIPD). UIPD is authorized to utilize video surveillance as necessary to fulfill their mission and responsibilities as a law enforcement agency.
  3. Cameras installed in University space leased to an external party. The external party will provide the location of all video surveillance equipment in University space to DPS.

This policy also does not apply to audio recordings as they are addressed by Iowa Code 727.8, including the audio portion of a video recording.