37.5 Applications

Eligible groups shall request use of the Pentacrest by submitting a completed application form, properly signed by an authorized representative of the group, to the Vice President for Student Life. Applications should be submitted a week in advance of intended use to provide time for all necessary arrangements. However, reasonable effort will be made to accommodate requests made at least one working day in advance of the scheduled event. There is no charge for the use of the Pentacrest unless special expenses or damages are incurred which shall be charged to the group at actual cost.

The Vice President for Student Life (herein after referred to as Vice President) shall grant timely and reasonable applications in the order received and shall deny any application which does not conform with University regulations, these rules or civil law. In determining the reasonableness of an application, the Vice President shall consider whether the intended use may have a negative impact on the regular University program and other scheduled events or activities in the areas. An applicant may be asked for data regarding the anticipated number of participants and spectators, the adequacy of arrangements for crowd control, parking, sanitary facilities, and provision for protection of the health, safety, and security of persons and property. The effect on normal pedestrian and vehicular traffic, the availability of alternative facilities, and any other relevant factors which might adversely affect the legitimate interests of the University may be considered by the Vice President. The Vice President will confer with Facilities Management, the Department of Public Safety, and other relevant departments as deemed necessary in making decisions concerning requests.

The Vice President may impose reasonable conditions on the use of the facilities, such as limiting the time or duration of use when necessary for orderly use. The Vice President may require an organization to make adequate security arrangements for traffic or crowd control. A deposit may be required in such reasonable amount as may be determined sufficient by the Vice President from non-University organizations to insure payment of any expenses incurred. All federal and state laws and city ordinances must be obeyed, and it is the responsibility of the group to obtain all applicable permits or licenses. The Vice President shall state the reason for the denial of any application, and in the case of a student organization, notify The University of Iowa Student Government. A decision denying an application may be appealed to the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations. The Vice President may not deny an application for any reason that would deny students their rights of freedom of speech and assembly.