38.7 Kautz Plaza

  1. General. The use of Kautz Plaza as a public forum for speech, assembly, and petition is encouraged by the University.

    The policy governing the use of the Pentacrest (V-37) shall apply to the use of that area known as Kautz Plaza, with the following additions.
  2. Definition. Kautz Plaza is that elevated concrete area north of Jefferson Street and south of Market Street bounded by Calvin Hall to the South, Iowa Memorial Union Parking Ramp to the west, Trowbridge Hall to the north, with T. Anne Cleary Walkway (formerly North Capitol Street), Pappajohn Business Administration Building, and Gilmore Hall to the east. The T. Anne Cleary Walkway is not deemed a part of the plaza, for purposes of this policy.
  3. Sale of Goods/Solicitation. Sale of goods or solicitation involving money is prohibited with the exception of special events which may be approved on an annual basis as part of a traditional event.
  4. Number of Events/Tables. More than one event at a time may be scheduled on the plaza. The number of tables or events permitted simultaneously will be the decision of the Vice President for Student Life. Tables may not be placed in the walkway area between the general curb lines.