22.4 Programs: Travel Agencies

(Amended 1/03; 1/07; 2/08; 3/2/20; 8/19/22)


  1. General. The university has preferred suppliers contracted to provide travel services to its travelers. Information about these suppliers can be found at the Travel Agencies page at https://ap-purchasing.fo.uiowa.edu/travel/preferred-vendors/university-preferred-travel-agencies-and-discount-airfare. Preferred suppliers are full-service travel agencies accessible and open to the public but have a primary responsibility to provide service for university-related business to:
    1. Individuals who are employed by the university and are traveling on university-related business, whether reimbursed by the university or from other sources;
    2. Individuals who are not employed by the university, but are traveling on university-related business and reimbursed by the university; and
    3. Spouse/companion and/or family members accompanying individuals who are traveling on university-related business.
  2. Service fees. All tickets purchased at these agencies are subject to service fees to cover the cost of booking and professional services offered. Current fees will be posted to the Travel web page.
  3. Procedure. Travelers may contact these agencies in person, by phone, fax, email, or through the University Travel web page. Airfare for UI business travel purchased at these agencies may be paid by cash/check, personal credit card, or charged to a university procurement card.
  4. Services. The following services are available through preferred travel agencies:
    1. Airline reservations, tickets, and exchanges.
    2. Other scheduled means of travel such as train and ship as available.
    3. Foreign travel documentation as necessary. Agencies will charge appropriately for these services.
    4. Lodging reservations for both domestic and international travel.
    5. Car-rental reservations.
    6. Delivery of travel documents. Both agencies will deliver either by mail or in person airline tickets, itinerary, and other travel documents to the traveler's office on campus. In addition, upon request, most agencies will deliver any requested and approved travel advances at the time of ticket delivery. The Request for Advance form must have been received and processed by the Travel Department.
    7. Spouse/companion and/or family travel. In order to assure that airline reservations for spouse/companion and/or family members of the university-sponsored traveler will be the same, both agencies will make reservations for and prepare tickets for both at the same time. The cost of the airline tickets for family members must be paid by the traveler either by personal check or credit card. 

      No traveler is required to use these agencies for their travel plans; however, the university strongly encourages them to in order to obtain university discounts and make the best use of university travel dollars.