14.2 Other Tickets

  1. Tickets to any student organization event or to any departmental event, held in the Iowa Memorial Union, are to be audited by the University Box Office Manager. Both used and unused student organization tickets are to be returned to the Box Office for auditing.
  2. A list of the names to whom complimentary tickets were issued must accompany the ticket report, submitted by the sponsoring group, immediately after the event is held.
  3. All tickets are destroyed as soon as possible after the audit.
  4. There are four standard ticket forms:
    1. roll tickets (stocked by the Box Office for student organizations or for departments);
    2. reserved seat tickets (printed specifically on order of the department). These tickets must be ordered two or three weeks in advance of sale;
    3. custom printed tickets (made to order by the University Printing Service); and
    4. computerized tickets — for events on national computer system the tickets are printed at primary office, sales outlets, and phone centers.
  5. The price at which tickets are to be sold must be established with the Box Office Manager before any sales are made.