17.5 Disposal of Records

"Disposal" refers to the disposal of the record whether by physical destruction or transfer to the University Archives at the end of its retention period.

  1. Official records shall not be destroyed or otherwise disposed of by any University faculty or staff except as outlined in the Records Management Program and Retention Schedule.
  2. Transitory/convenience records may be destroyed at the discretion of the user, assuring the secure destruction of confidential information. Transitory/convenience records that may have historical or enduring value should be reviewed by the University Archivist before destruction.
  3. Exceptions to disposal of records:
    1. Any record in any form may not be disposed of by the holder if the holder is aware of any audit, litigation, public records request, claim, negotiation, open administrative review, or other action involving the record.
    2. Records must be maintained until all required audits and requests are satisfied and should be retained beyond the required retention period when there is a probability of litigation either involving records or requiring their use.
    3. If the University Office of the General Counsel has issued a litigation or legal hold, records relevant to the issue must be preserved until the hold has been released.