5.4 Transfer of Grant/Change of Project Director

(Amended 3/10)
  1. Transfer. A project director leaving The University of Iowa and relocating to another institution may, in some instances, transfer externally funded research projects to the new institution. The procedure for transferring grants and contracts from The University of Iowa to another institution and the corresponding Grant Transfer Request Form are posted at https://dsp.research.uiowa.edu/transferring-grants-and-contracts-and-ui#fromUI. Since each case is unique, personnel from the Division of Sponsored Programs may provide additional procedures when applicable.

    If equipment items purchased through existing grants are requested to be transferred, the project director must complete the PDF icon Title Transfer of University Equipment Form posted on the Capital Assets Management website at https://cam.fo.uiowa.edu/content/forms-and-instructions. Final approval regarding equipment transfers will rest with the Business Office.
  2. Withdrawal. If the project director relinquishes the primary direction of the project, the sponsor, the departmental and the collegiate officers, and the Division of Sponsored Programs should be notified immediately in writing. If appropriate, the University may request continuance of the project under the leadership of another project director. The qualifications and background on the proposed new project director should be recommended at the departmental level, and approved by appropriate collegiate officers as well as the Vice President for Research. The University procedure for requesting a change in project director is outlined at https://dsp.research.uiowa.edu/change-project-director-internal-procedure