34.3 Roles in Planning and Oversight

The responsibility for accomplishing capital improvements for projects has been delegated by the Board of Regents to the University administration.

  1. University Business Manager. The University has assigned responsibility for coordinating the preparation of the University Business Docket including the Register of Capital Improvement Business Transactions to the University Business Manager. The University has further assigned the University Business Manager responsibility for approving all contractual as well as responsibility for recommending and coordinating documents reserved for approval by the Executive Director of the Board of Regents.
  2. Facilities Management. The University has assigned to Facilities Management the responsibility for managing the project from concept to completion including specific planning for project development. The planning responsibility is either shared or further delegated in certain units or services of specialization including University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, Utility Systems, Parking System, and institutional roads. The University Campus Planning Committee reviews, considers and advises the University administration on capital improvement activity that has an impact on the campus.
  3. Capital Projects Review Committee. The Capital Projects Review Committee has been established as an advisory committee to the University President or the president's designees for the review and evaluation of non-UIHC capital projects valued at more than $1 million. The Committee will make recommendations to the President or designees regarding the approval, modification or disapproval of proposed capital projects along with priority and timing of projects.
  4. Controller's Office. The Controller's Office is responsible for coordinating the determination of funding sources and monitoring applicable bond reporting compliance.