Chapter 18 – Personnel Records

(Amended 9/93)

18.1 Personnel Records, General

The University is required to account for the compensation of its staff, and it is the responsibility of each departmental executive officer to maintain records for each staff member on the following basis:

  1. Personnel defined by the State of Iowa as being eligible for overtime payment.
    1. Maintain normal personnel records showing days of attendance, sick leave, vacation, or holidays.
    2. Prepare Employee Time Records showing hours worked, vacation, sick leave, or holidays to be charged to each account from which paid. The purpose of this time record is to show that staff salaries are charged to accounts in accordance with actual time worked. If time records reveal that salaries are not charged properly, the departmental executive officer changes the distribution of the staff member's salary through regular University payroll forms to correspond with the time records.
    Time records must be maintained in departmental offices and be available at all times for audit.
  2. Temporary or casual staff members paid on an hourly basis. Time records for temporary or casual staff members are kept on Biweekly Employee Time Record forms (see III-17) submitted to the University Payroll Office each month that the staff member is to be paid.
  3. Personnel defined by the State of Iowa as being exempt from overtime provisions.
    1. Departments are required to maintain personnel records of attendance and absence for use in determining vacation and sick leave entitlement for each staff member (see III-23.2 Vacations; III-22 Paid Absences).
    2. For those persons who are employed on federal grants, the University is currently using two methods to satisfy the federal regulations relating to documentation of effort. They are covered under sections J.7.d.(1)(2) of Office of Management and Budget Circular A-21 available in the Division of Sponsored Programs. Section J.7.d.(2) requires that after the close of each month the project director and departmental executive officer or dean certify that the effort for which a person was paid actually occurred, and if adjustments are required as a result of a significant change in amount of effort expended, that this correction be made in the account charged. These required certifications are sent to the project director, departmental executive, or dean for verification or correction on the fifth day following the close of the month. They must be returned to the Business Office by the twentieth of the month.