19.4 Fines, Charges, and Violations

(Amended 12/06; 10/15; 9/17)
  1. The university is not responsible for fines, impoundment charges, or other costs resulting from violations of traffic or parking regulations by drivers of university vehicles. If a fine or charge is levied, it is paid by the person to whom the vehicle was assigned when the violation occurred. The driver receiving a citation, who believes the charge is not meritorious, is responsible for the defense.
  2. Government jurisdictions assessing fines or charges will present notice to Fleet Services. If the driver of the vehicle is identifiable, Fleet Services transmits the notice of violation to the driver, and the driver is responsible for paying the fines or charges.
  3. In case of reported violations of law or Fleet Services regulations, Fleet Services will notify the departmental executive officer or other appropriated administrator to discuss the alleged violation. (See V-19.5 University Driving Policy.)
  4. The records of a driver with a persistent pattern of violations will be forwarded to the appropriate university departmental administrator and Risk Management for review. Risk Management will discuss with the departmental executive officer or other appropriate administrator possible remediation, training, and/or restrictions on the use of university vehicles for a stated period of time. (See V-19.5 University Driving Policy.)