7.3 Delegation of Signature Authority

A person may delegate or assign to another authority to use a signature stamp with the person's name or to sign the person's name. Signature delegation is not permitted in certain situations such as in the signing of medical records. It is the responsibility of the delegator to know the situations in which delegation may not occur. When delegation does occur, it is the responsibility of the delegator to assure that the individual to whom such authority is assigned understands the limits of the delegated authority. Such delegated authority may not be further subdelegated. The person delegating signature authority to another is ultimately responsible for the delegated individual's actions. The delegation of signature authority must be documented in writing and should be reviewed periodically. An example "Delegation of Signature Authority" form can be found on the University of Iowa Electronic Forms website at https://uiowa.edu/eforms/sites/uiowa.edu.eforms/files/DEOSignature.pdf. Completed forms should be kept on file by the department and a new form should be completed if authorized uses or limitations change or if staff terminate employment.

The President's delegated authority for signing agreements and contracts can be found in V-6.1 Contracting Authority.