12.13 Works of Art

(Amende 10/18)
  1. Acquisition. Works of art given to the University or purchased with funds subject to the control of the University are to be regarded as property of the University, subject to all policies concerning University property. In addition, works of art may be subject to the Federal Copyright Act and the Visual Artists Rights Act, which may confer certain continuing rights to the artist. Acquisitions of art by the University Museum of Art are considered part of the Museum of Art's collection and are assigned accession numbers by the Museum of Art. The Museum of Art also maintains its own inventory system of its art collection and on a regular basis reports acquisitions over $5,000 to Capital Assets Management for financial reporting purposes. Donated art values are reported to Capital Assets Management at the same value as the donation gift receipt. If there is not a gift receipt, acquisition value will be determined by the department based on objective justification. Acquisition value is defined as the price that would be paid to acquire an asset with equivalent service potential in an orderly market transaction at the acquisition date.
  2. Disposition. Departments wishing to dispose of a work of art must notify the Director of Facilities Management. Operating with the advice of the Art on Campus Committee, the Director of Facilities Management will determine whether the work should be moved to another site on campus, offered for sale, or disposed of in some other manner consistent with University policy and federal law.
  3. De-accession. De-accessions of Museum of Art collection items will be according to the recommendation of the Director of the Museum of Art, in consultation with the curatorial staff and the Museum Advisory Committee and approval of the Executive Vice President and Provost. De-accessioned objects will be sold or disposed of in a manner consistent with University policy and federal law.