12.9 Reporting Loss, Theft, or Destruction of Property

(Amended 2/11)
  1. University property: Any University property, including items of equipment, supplies, foodstuffs, etc., stolen or otherwise missing must be reported to the University Department of Public Safety, 808 University Capitol Centre, at the time it is discovered missing. Public Safety personnel will assist the department in locating the missing property. Within 24 hours these losses also shall be reported to the Department of Risk Management, Insurance, and Loss Prevention, 430 Plaza Centre One, https://uiowa.edu/riskmanagement/. If the property is not located within 48 hours after it was first reported missing, the incident must be reported in writing to the University Risk Manager, outlining the circumstances under which the property was lost or stolen and the measures taken to locate and return the property. An equipment deductions form must be submitted to Capital Assets Management, 6th floor Jefferson Building, when it is determined the asset will not be found or returned (typically 60 days from date of loss).
  2. Federal property: In addition to reporting the loss, theft, or destruction of federally titled property to the University Department of Public Safety, as in paragraph a above, written notification must also be made to the Grant Accounting Office, 118 South Clinton Street, so that the incident can be reported to the applicable federal agency.

(See also V-20 Lost or Stolen Property.)