3.2 Expenditure of Funds on Deposit with University Allied Organizations

(Amended 9/98; 7/1/06)
  1. Funds in allied organizations intended for support of University programs must be transferred to the University for expenditure rather than be expended directly from the allied organization. Expenditures directly supporting fundraising or donor prospect development activities will continue to be expended by the allied organization.
  2. Expenditures must be in accord with the purposes of the donor-restricted account, if applicable, and adhere to University policies.
  3. In cases where the expenditure of funds directly from an allied organization's account is necessary, and is not in direct support of fundraising or donor prospect development, the payment authorization request must include the signature of both the individual who has expenditure control and either the provost or vice president responsible for that area of the University.
  4. The only exceptions to these policies must be authorized in writing by the University Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer.