16.10 Damage Assessment and Recovery

  1. Departmental notification. Campus Safety shall be responsible for securing the incident site and notifying the designated representative (or alternate in designee's absence) of the following departments:
    1. Department of Risk Management, Insurance, and Loss Prevention: 
      1. Chief Risk Officer, 319-335-0010 
      2. Alternate: Associate Vice President and Director of Purchasing and Business Services, 319-335-3815
    2. Facilities Management: 
      1. Director, Building and Landscape Services, 319-335-5038
      2. Director, Utilities and Energy Management, 319-335-1884 
      3. Director, Business and Financial Services, 319-335-5084
      4. Director, Planning, Design, and Construction, 319-335-1205
      5. Alternate: Associate Vice President and Director, Facilities Management, 319-335-1248
    3. University Housing and Dining: 
      1. Director, 319-335-3000 
      2. Alternate: Associate Director, Facilities and Operations, 319-335-9970
    4. Vice President for External Relations (or designee), 319-335-3714
    5. Office of General Counsel: 
             Director, Environmental Compliance and Senior Associate Counsel, 319-335-6190
    Individuals so notified shall immediately respond, meeting for the purpose of determining the extent of damages, recovery activities, relocation needs, and public information needs that are immediately required.

    To the extent that hazardous materials or chemicals are involved, Campus Safety shall notify Environmental Health and Safety. All emergency clean-up and recovery activities shall be subject to instructions of Environmental Health and Safety in accordance with the requirements of public authorities. (See also the Hazardous Materials Incident section in Campus Safety's Emergency Response Guide.)
  2. Departmental responsibilities. To the extent that damage is minimal and relocation of activities is not required, Facilities Management shall be responsible for all site clean-up, debris removal, and emergency or minor repairs. In the event that major remodeling or rebuilding is necessary, Facilities Management shall be responsible for preparation of plans, specifications, or cost estimates for building remodeling, and equipment repair/replacement.
  3. Property loss reporting requirements. Preliminary reports regarding the cause of the loss, the extent of damage, and the plans for recovery and relocation shall be provided to the University Business Manager by the Chief Risk Officer within 24 hours, in accordance with V-15 Risk Management, Insurance, and Loss Prevention.

    All losses shall be reported by the Department of Risk Management, Insurance, and Loss Prevention to the Office of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.