16.13 Additional Resources

  1. Critical Incident Management Plan Flow Chart. See the Campus Safety website or https://uiowa.edu/critical-incident-plan/critical-incident-management-plan-flow-chart.
  2. Critical Incidents and Response Strategies. The University has developed response strategies for the following critical incidents: bomb threat, civil protest, earthquake, explosion, fire, hazardous materials incident, infrastructure failure, medical emergency, severe winter weather, tornado, violent incident, active shooter, water damage. Download the Emergency Response Guide.
  3. University of Iowa Continuity of Operations Plan. See Appendix A at https://uiowa.edu/critical-incident-plan/continuity-operations-plan.
  4. Employee's Guide to Proper Selection and Use of Portable Fire Extinguisher in a University Building. Download https://police.uiowa.edu/sites/police.uiowa.edu/files/fireextinguishers.pdf.
  5. University of Iowa Pandemic Flu Plan 
  6. National Incident Management System (NIMS)