35.2 General Policy on Use of University Facilities

University facilities are dedicated to primary uses within the institution. Such primary uses, however, do not require that University facilities be exclusively reserved for those uses, and it is therefore University policy to make University facilities available for other uses which are consistent with the University's mission as a public institution of higher education.

  1. In the absence of a competing primary use, University facilities shall be available to groups within or outside the University for purposes which are consistent with the academic mission of The University of Iowa. In applying this standard to any request for use of University facilities, the following factors shall be considered indicative of the consistency of a proposed use with the academic mission of the University:
    1. If the proposed use is appropriately sponsored by an academic department of the University;
    2. If the proposed use is appropriately sponsored by a student, staff, or faculty organization which is officially recognized by the University;
    3. If the proposed use contributes directly to an established academic program of the University;
    4. If the proposed use is part of or contributes to the outreach efforts of the University;
    5. If the proposed use is non-profit making in the commercial sense;
    6. If the proposed use does not involve efforts at selling commercial products or services to students or staff;
    7. If the proposed use is open to students, faculty or staff of the University;
    8. If the proposed use is academic or educational in nature. This listing of factors is not intended to be exhaustive, nor is the presence or absence of any one or more factors determinative of the appropriateness of a planned use.
  2. The following requirements must be satisfied in all cases:
    1. The proposed use must not conflict with scheduled or anticipated primary uses, nor interfere with ongoing primary uses.
    2. Adequate physical space must be available for the proposed use.
    3. Adequate support services must be available, including restroom facilities, security, overnight accommodations, food service, parking, janitorial services, maid services, and day care services.
    4. The proposed use must not present a physical danger to persons or the possibility of damage to the University facilities or to equipment.
    5. Evidence must be presented by the user of ability to pay the rates and charges for use of University facilities and services and, where appropriate, advance payment of a portion of the anticipated rate and charge and/or refundable damage deposits may be required.
    6. Assurance must be given in writing that required support services (such as overnight accommodations, day care, and the like) which the University deems necessary but is not providing, will be provided by the user.