35.1 Definitions

  1. University facilities. Unless the context otherwise requires, the term "University facilities" as used herein, includes all campus buildings and grounds except the following: Finkbine Golf Course, Kinnick Stadium, Old Capitol, Museum of Art, Iowa House, Hancher Auditorium, University tennis courts, office space in University buildings, and any other space which is committed to internal University use at all times or in which public use would be inconsistent with its primary function.
  2. Primary uses. Primary uses include established student, faculty, and staff activities which are part of the course of regular University business, including classroom activities, faculty and staff work and research activities, University committee meetings, regular meetings of University-wide student government, and other activities necessary to and a regular part of the conduct of University business which occurs in space assigned use during normal operating hours of the facility.
  3. Non-primary uses. Non-primary uses include all uses of University facilities which are neither primary uses nor casual uses.
  4. Casual uses. Casual use means any spontaneous use of University facilities for which there is no prior promotion, solicitation, or purposeful attempt to attract the public.