35.3 Application and Approval

(Amended 10/04; 6/07)

Application for proposed non-primary uses of University facilities should be made to the following offices:

  1. Event Services — for use of the Iowa Memorial Union and Danforth Chapel.
  2. Vice President for Student Life — for use of all outside University facilities.
  3. Facilities Management — for use of all other University facilities.
  4. Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost — for general assignment classrooms.

Decisions regarding scheduling, space allocation, rates, facilities use, application deadlines, and all other matters relating to proposed uses of University facilities by non-primary users shall be made by the office to which application for use is made. Application for a proposed non-primary use that involves multiple University facilities may be made to the offices specified above.

In approving a proposed non-primary use, the office to which application is made may specify such conditions of the proposed use as is deemed advisable. An application may be denied for failure of the applicant to provide full and accurate information as requested.