35.1 Definitions

(Presidet 3/15/21)
  1. University facilities. Unless the context otherwise requires, the term "University facilities" as used herein includes all campus buildings and grounds except the following: Old Capitol, Stanley Museum of Art, Iowa House Hotel, Hancher Auditorium, Iowa Memorial Union, office space in University buildings, and any other space which is committed to internal University use at all times or in which public use would be inconsistent with its primary function.
  2. Outdoor space and use of campus outdoor areas. Section V-35.6 below applies to outdoor campus areas and outlines viewpoint-neutral time, place, and manner policies related to six specific outdoor areas of the campus in Iowa City including the Pentacrest. Inquiry concerning use of any other outdoor areas should be addressed to the respective directors or building coordinators as reflected at www.facilities.uiowa.edu/building-coordinators.

    Consistent with Iowa Code Chapter 261H, Board of Regents Policy Manual 4.2 designates all outdoor areas of campus to be public forums, open on the same terms to any member of the campus community subject to reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions that are consistent with established principles of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Members of the campus community may engage in noncommercial expressive activity (defined below  as "casual use") in any outdoor area of campus in accordance with the provisions of Iowa Code 261H and time, place, and manner restrictions defined in V-35.6 below. No campus outdoor area shall be designated as a free speech zone, and no policies will be created by administration that restrict expressive activity to a particular zone.

    Nothing in this policy shall be construed to grant individuals the right to engage in conduct that intentionally, materially, and substantially disrupts the expressive activity of a person or student organization if the University has reserved space in an outdoor area of campus for activity by the person or student organization in accordance with this policy. (See IC 261H.4.3).
  3. Primary uses. "Primary uses" include established student, faculty, and staff activities which are part of the course of regular University business, including classroom activities, faculty and staff work and research activities, University committee meetings, regular meetings of University-wide student governments, and other activities necessary to and a regular part of the conduct of University business. 
  4. Non-primary uses. "Non-primary uses" include all uses of University facilities which are neither primary uses nor casual uses.
  5. Casual uses. "Casual use" means any spontaneous use of University facilities or outdoor spaces for which there is no prior promotion, solicitation, or purposeful attempt to attract the public. The campus community may use University facilities for any casual and reasonable use at all times.