35.3 Assignment, Application, and Approval

(President 3/15/21)

Space assignment is the responsibility of the University administration. Space is assigned to colleges, departments, and support units of the University to enable them to carry out their assigned responsibilities and to house the personnel associated with those activities, consistent with strategic planning initiatives of the University.  

Space assignments for primary use will be approved by University administration, specifically the University Space Committee, a subcommittee of the Campus Development Team (CDT), after consultation with appropriate deans and directors.  

Application for proposed non-primary uses of University facilities must be made to the offices below for the respective facilities. In approving a proposed non-primary use, the office to which the application is made may specify such conditions of the proposed use as is deemed advisable. An application may be denied for failure of the applicant to provide full and accurate information as requested. Decisions regarding scheduling, space allocation, rates, facilities use, application deadlines, and all other matters relating to proposed uses of University facilities by non-primary users shall be made by the office to which application for use is made. Application for a proposed non-primary use that involves multiple University facilities may be made to the offices specified below:

  1. Use of the Iowa Memorial Union, Danforth Chapel, and outdoor spaces as defined by V-35.6: Iowa Memorial Union (IMU) Event Services.
  2. Use of University Housing & Dining facilities: University Housing & Dining.
  3. Use of general assignment classrooms: Office of the Registrar.
  4. Use of Athletic, Recreational Services, or Multi-Use Facilities.  All athletic and multi-use facilities (Duane Banks Field [baseball], Ashton Cross Country Course, Grant Field [field hockey], Pearl Field [softball], Kenyon Football Practice Facility, Kretzmeyer Track, Carver-Hawkeye Arena, Finkbine Golf Course, Recreation Building, Indoor Practice Facility, Field House, Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Center, and other outdoor and indoor practice facilities and playing fields) shall be scheduled as follows: 
    1. Athletic events. All intercollegiate competitive events will be scheduled with the approval of the Director of Athletics, who may consult as appropriate with the Presidential Committee on Athletics (PCA). Department of Athletics usage of multi-use facilities shall be scheduled by the Director of Athletics in consultation with the Director of Recreational Services.
    2. Recreation and academic events. All recreational and academic events will be scheduled with the approval of the Director of Recreational Services.
    3. Other activities and events not covered in paragraph a or b. Requests for the use of athletic or recreational services facilities are to be submitted to either the Director of Athletics Facilities or the Director of Recreational Services, depending on the facility being requested. The request will then be reviewed according to University policies. Upon approval and if deemed necessary, a contract will be produced and sent to the University Business Manager for University consideration and approval.
  5. Use of the Old Capitol is restricted. The Old Capitol, which served as Iowa’s first state government building, is not a general-purpose meeting facility. The Pentacrest Museums now govern its use (see https://oldcap.uiowa.edu/space-rental-faq).
  6. Policy for Old Capitol Flagstaff. Requests for flags to be flown over Old Capitol. Three different flags may be flown from the Old Capitol flagstaff at the University of Iowa. These are the flag of the United States of America; the flag of the State of Iowa; and, on home football game days, the University of Iowa "Hawkeye" flag. No other flag may be flown over the Old Capitol except a special flag that may be flown only as directed by proclamation of the President of the United States or the Governor of the State of Iowa.

    Requests to lower the American flag and the State of Iowa flag to half-staff. The flag of the United States of America and the flag of the State of Iowa are to be lowered to half-staff exclusively on orders from the office of the President of the United States or the office of the Governor of the State of Iowa.
  7. Use of all other University facilities: Facilities Management.