4.6 Miscellaneous Cash Advances

(Amended 2/08)

For events that require cash payments such as freight charges, payments to research subjects, meal charges on sponsored student trips, etc., departments must submit requests for advances in writing to Accounting Services. Each request must provide an explanation of the need for the cash advance. Every reasonable effort should be made to identify an alternative to the use of a cash advance. Alternatives include direct payments, procurement cards, and the use of the ProTrav system for travel advances and reimbursements.

  1. Requests for cash advances must be submitted on the Request for Approval of Change Fund or Cash Advance Template form in order to provide the information below:
    1. purpose of advance;
    2. length of time the advance will be needed;
    3. account number and class code to which reimbursements and adjustments will be charged;
    4. signatures of both the person responsible for the account and the authorized administrator; approval through the University Workflow application is acceptable in lieu of a signature.
  2. Submit requests as an attachment to an e-voucher to Accounting Services for approval. Requests for cash advances in excess of $1,000 shall be referred to the Associate Controller or Director of Accounting Services for approval. The requester will pick up a check from Accounts Payable and cash the check at any University of Iowa Community Credit Union location. The requesting department is responsible for safekeeping of the check and cash.
  3. When cash payments are required as a consequence of contractual arrangements, a copy of the contract must be presented with the request for an advance.
  4. Departments delaying return of advances will not be allowed further advances without either the clearing of those in question or the approval of the Associate Controller or Director of Accounting Services.
  5. When the need for the advance is complete, the department must return the unused cash, the Return of Cash Advance form, and receipts to Accounting Services to clear the outstanding advance.
  6. All receipts will be verified on advances being cleared. Any questionable receipts will be referred to the Associate Controller or Director of Accounting Services.
  7. Receipts from student organizations will require a summary listing approved by an officer of the group and the proper official in the department administering the groups.
  8. Change or cash advances cannot be used to cash personal checks unless approved in advance by Accounting Services. Requests for exceptions to this check-cashing policy should be directed to the Controller.